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Spanish Language Instruction for Elementary Scholars

Spanish S.W.A.G.™ is an intrinsically-motivated and self-regulated method for developing a near-native sound while learning how to communicate in the target language. It is fueled by #wokelingualism, or the practice of consciously being aware of one's pronunciation and diction while simultaneously taking into consideration the listener or recipient of one's own speech. The acronym S.W.A.G. stands for: Speak like a native (practice with feedback, study, get creative); Woke (consciously be aware of what you’re saying); Accents matter (stress and expression, romance swagger); and Grammar (grammar check, conjugate the verbs in the right context). Spanish S.W.A.G. serves an accountability tool for equipping and empowering language learners in order to help close the "opportunity gap" with culturally-competent and linguistically confident, bilingual youth.


Created in 2021 by Spanish Language Educator, Jessie Feliz, the aforementioned intent of Spanish S.W.A.G. was originally designed to support participants in her live, virtual and in-person Spanish language classes, while also serving as a focal point in professional development for world language educators. However, in order to reach more children across different time zones and to further support Spanish language learning in classrooms and in afterschool programs outside of her own, the Spanish S.W.A.G. On Demand Learning Program was birthed. 

What sets Spanish S.W.A.G. On Demand apart from other language programs is the personable learning experience that makes children feel as if they are in a live class with their very own Spanish teacher. Interactive activities are interwoven within each course such as: arts-n-crafts, music, games, dances and snips (short, edutainment video clips) to reinforce the content of each lesson. The same energy that Jessie Feliz brings to her "live" classes, she along with other language educators and native speakers cultivate in this high-quality and culturally-responsive on demand learning program that is entertaining and educational as the same time - the best of Spanish Language Edutainment that produces results!

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