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Why choose Spanish S.W.A.G.?

🌟 Engaging and Fun: Our curriculum is designed to make learning Spanish enjoyable and exciting for children.

🌟 Real Teachers: Our team of experienced educators bring the Spanish language to life. With our program, your child will have the opportunity to learn from passionate teachers and native Spanish speakers, ensuring an authentic language learning journey.

🌟 Flexibility and Convenience: With our on-demand program, your child can learn anytime, anywhere, fitting seamlessly into their schedule.

🌟 Cultural Immersion: Our program goes beyond vocabulary and grammar. With a focus on cultural immersion, your child will have ample opportunities for speaking practice with feedback and listening practice with native Spanish speakers.

  • Where can I find Spanish S.W.A.G. classes?
    Explore the world of Spanish at your own pace, right from the comfort of your own space, with the Spanish S.W.A.G. On Demand Learning Program and Audio Workbooks. Our learning platform offers a wide range of interactive lessons and engaging activities, and we continuously add fresh content to our learning dashboard every month.
  • How much does the Spanish S.W.A.G. Learning Program cost?
    We believe in making quality Spanish education accessible to all. The Spanish S.W.A.G. On Demand Learning Program is available for an affordable annual subscription fee of just $49 ($4.08 per month) per family, providing unlimited access to our comprehensive language program. Additionally, enhance your child's learning journey with our engaging Spanish S.W.A.G. Audio Workbooks, available for supplemental practice at a cost of $19 each.
  • Does my child need prior Spanish language experience to enroll in the Spanish S.W.A.G. Learning Program?
    Not at all! The Spanish S.W.A.G. On Demand Learning Program is designed to jumpstart your child's Spanish language learning journey. No prior Spanish language experience is necessary. Our program provides a supportive and engaging environment for your child to start their language learning journey and develop fluency at their own pace.
  • How often are new courses added to the learning dashboard?
    We're dedicated to providing a dynamic and enriching learning experience for your child. Each month, new courses will be added to the learning dashboard, following your child's learning trajectory. These new courses will build upon their previous knowledge and introduce new concepts, ensuring a continuous and engaging language learning journey. Stay tuned for exciting new content to keep your child motivated and progressing in their Spanish language skills!
  • What age groups does Spanish S.W.A.G. serve?
    Spanish S.W.A.G. currently serves scholars from Kindergarten to 6th Grade. While younger learners may require some parental support in navigating the online learning platform, the content is designed to be applicable to all elementary scholars.
  • What language is used in Spanish S.W.A.G. classes?
    Spanish S.W.A.G. classes use both Spanish and English language instruction. We seek to develop our scholars' bilingual literacy skills in both languages.
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