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Introduce your child to the wonders of Spanish with the interactive and engaging Spanish S.W.A.G. 101 Audio Workbook in a fun, creative way!


Support your child's second language journey by introducing and reinforcing the Spanish language to your elementary scholar with the Spanish S.W.A.G.™  101 Audio Workbook.


There are five lessons in the audio workbook. Each lesson comes with an audio track to introduce the vocabulary and grammar in a fun, creative bilingual way!


By the end of this self-paced course, scholars should be able to do the following in the Spanish:

  • say their name in a complete sentence and ask others what their name is
  • greet someone based on the time of day
  • describe how they are feeling and ask others how they're doing
  • state where they're from and where their parents are from
  • understand the difference between informal/formal speech when greeting someone


In addition to the audio-based instruction, there are a variety of activities to help scholars process their new learning, such as reading comprehension practice and puzzles.

Spanish S.W.A.G. 101 Audio Workbook (Spiral-Bound)

  • While we take great effort in supplying your products as quickly as possible, please allow up to 7 days for delivery.

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