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Unlock your child's bilingual brilliance with Spanish S.W.A.G. On Demand! Fun, flexible, and effective language learning for elementary students.


Our dynamic courses feature real teachers and native Spanish speakers, ensuring an authentic language immersion. Engage in interactive games, speaking tasks, reading activities, and more. Unlock the world of Spanish at your own pace and enjoy a truly enriching educational journey!


For just $49 per year, families gain unlimited access to our engaging and comprehensive Spanish courses. Watch your child's learning soar as new courses are added to their personalized dashboard every month. Start the language adventure today!

Spanish S.W.A.G. On Demand Learning Program

  • After successfully registering your child/family for the annual subscription plan, an email from the Jessie Feliz Learning Center will be sent to you shortly. This email will contain a link that allows you to begin the learning journey right away.

    To access the online learning program, your child will need to enter the parent email used during registration and the password provided in the Parent Info Guide. This ensures a secure and personalized learning experience tailored to your child's progress and development. Get ready to embark on an exciting language learning adventure!

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